Seven Reasons to have an Independent Insurance Agent

1. Independent Agents are able to match the right insurance company for their customer’s needs at any stage of life.
Because independent agents write for more than one company, they can find the coverage you need at a good value regardless of your stage of life.

2. Act as your advocate when you have a claim.
Having an agent who cares and understands when you experience a loss can make a difficult time easier. They can eliminate long call wait times, and act as your advocate should there be a concern with the settlement of a loss.

3. Independent Agents can do your price shopping for you
Because they write for several companies, independent agents can compare prices and coverages to find the best value for your needs.

4. Agents provide years of expertise at no additional cost.
When writing your insurance with a company, you pay the same rate whether you write it through an agent or directly with them online. However, writing directly without a thorough understanding of the coverages, deductibles, and endorsements can lead to costly gaps in coverage.

5. Personalized Service, you are treated as a valued person not a number.
Having a good insurance agent means having someone who knows your name. You are not just a number in a database of tens of thousands, but a valued customer whose business makes a difference.

6. Local Insurance Agents share common community interests
Local Insurance agents live where you live. They care about the welfare of the community as a whole. They are working and volunteering side by side with you.

7. Independent Agents can look at your situation as a whole and many can write all lines of insurance.
One advantage of writing with an independent agent is having the option to keep all your insurance in one place. Many agents have experience writing all lines, giving you the peace of mind to know that whether it is Life, health, property, casualty or business insurance; you can get the coverage you need.